Black and White

by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #309: Balance, with 216 votes!

Okay, you guys, we have to apologize for the delay here, but behold: our Black Swan shirt! 

No, we know that Black Swan came to theaters in December of 2010 and then to DVD in May of 2011, and now it's 2013 and the only reason Black Swan is even in the news at all is because of a controversial lawsuit about unpaid internships, but look, any press is good press, right?

So, why did it take so long? Well, because honestly, it's hard to draw birds. You tell one to stand still for a minute and what does it do? Flies away! WAY AWAY! I mean jeez, we had to nail the two birds down just to keep em still, and even then, they'd be flapping and squawking and…

Wait, were we not supposed to say that last part?