Browncoats Crest

by wootbot

Moving On

We're missing something here.

Everyone's always wondering, what if Firefly had never been canceled? What adventures would it have taken us one? What amazing sights would we have seen? Well, wonder no longer, because we got our hands on some plans for the never produced seasons 2 through 5!

Season 2: Mal decides he's had enough of flying a ship around, so he quits, opens up a pizza shop, and hires the whole crew from the Serenity. But can these rough and tumble space cowboys handle the day-to-day tasks of running a small business? We'll see!

Season 3: Wash's estranged uncle dies leaving him a huge sum of money, but in order to get it back, he's going to have to go back to college! And to make matters worse, he gets put in a dorm room with the nerdiest dope in the whole university, Squirmy B. Hawkins. Will Wash get his degree, his money, and maybe even teach Squirmy how to be cool along the way? We'll see! 

Season 4: While out walking, Zoe trips and bumps her head. She then hallucinates that she's in a magical world where she must lead a lion, a witch, and a wardrobe to meet with a magical cat-wizard known for its grin that stretches from ear to ear. Will they make it on time, or will the evil fire-breathing wolf catch them first? We'll see! 

Season 5: The entire crew of the Serenity is called to the city of Baltimore to investigate a container that arrived in the port containing more than a dozen young women, all dead. Will they get to the bottom of this horrible tragedy or will police corruption stop them from making any meaningful headway? We'll see (but no, corruption wins)!