by wootbot

A Force of Hobbit

3rd Place in Derby #338: Metallic Ink, with 164 votes!

Okay, Mr. ADT, hear us out. We have a new direction we'd like to take your ads in. Now, the numbers from the focus groups say that the demographic you're really missing out on are those people looking for protection from the supernatural. So, imagine this:

We see a husband and wife asleep in bed. Then, a smash. What is it? The couple goes to the living room to see. They take their bedside swords with them, you know, just in case. And it turns out to be a good idea because there in the kitchen is a dragon! The couple fights the dragon and wins and as they're watching it fly away despondently, the wife turns to the camera and says, "if we can handle Jimmy's Flaming Hot Salsa, we can handle anything."

Or wait, no, that was for the last client. She says something about using security systems to protect your house from dragons. What do you think?