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1st Place in Derby #356: Inspired by Sci-Fi Art Masters, with 195 votes!

What does the fox say? 

It says, "I am an illusion, an complex system of circuitry built to emit a frequency that unexplainably registers as 'fox' in your mind."

It says, "I am not here, I never was here, I am but a hologram. When you reach out to embrace me, you will feel nothing. My body will scramble as your arms disturb my light, but I will remain untouched, unchanged."

It says, "I am an equation - as all things are - a mathematical recipe calling for some of this, some of that, the same particles that make up anything just arranged a little differently."

It says, "I am a machine, a grand feat of engineering, but I have no designer or owner. I fuel and recharge myself, preform my own maintenance, much as you do, except I require no additional devices. My survival is all my own."