Cage Match: Penguins vs. Bunnies

by Scott Lydon

The cutest tummies? Evenly matched. The most adorable babies? Evenly matched. The most playful? Evenly matched. Most likely to be on your kid’s list of potential pets? EVENLY MATCHED.

So we’re not gonna settle this on paper. The only way to decide between penguins and bunnies is to go head-to-head, penguo-y-bunno, item vs item, and let sales figures decide. Like our previous cage match we’ll be selling short-sleeved tees, long-sleeved tees, hoodies and a tote bag, and you’ll vote the only way that matters: with your wallet. Orders will begin shipping on Wednesday, April 11th and the winning species will be announced next week. Take a look at what we’re offering below:

Zip-Up Hoodie - $30
Listen To Your Conscience Zip-Up Hoodie
by ramyb
The Aviator Zip-Up Hoodie
by jamescho84
Long-Sleeve Tee - $20
Cooler Than You Long-Sleeve Tee
by ramyb
Ironic Bunny Long-Sleeve Tee
by Wenceslao Almazán
The Aviator Long-Sleeve Tee
by jamescho84
Tote Bag - $10
Eatser Bunny Tote Bag
by littleclyde
Tee - $15
Bun Bun
by ukulelefreak
Cooler Than You
by ramyb
Eatser Bunny
by littleclyde
Emperor Penguin
by Naolito
In addition to your radishes, I will take this
by DeadFrog
Killer Penguin
by Robbie Lee
Listen to your Conscience
by ramyb
One Flight Per Customer
by Robbie Lee
Slow and Steady
by Ochopika
The Aviator
by jamescho84
Upon Closer Inspection…
by lucky1988
You Have to Try This Guys
by fablefire

All orders will begin shipping on April 11th and only one thing’s for sure. Whoever wins, we all lose… our minds over how adorable the battle’s gonna be. Can you even imagine! One’s flapping those little wings, the other keeps tripping over those big floppy ears, everybody’s hopping around, this is going to be the BEST! FIGHT! EVER!.