Cage Match: Poe vs. Shakespeare

by Jason Toon

They tower over the literatures of their respective nations. They've shaped our language, our ideas, and our mustaches. And they've dominated the Shirt.Woot charts for years. But until now, they've never stood quill-to-quill in the ring. Shirt.Woot is proud to present Poe vs. Shakespeare, the knock-down, drag-out bookbrawl that will leave one master in pieces!

The following tees, long-sleeves, posters, hoodies, and totes are divided evenly between the Bard of Avon and the Brooder of Baltimore. The final bell will toll (yes, we know that's John Donne) at the stroke of midnight on the morning of Monday, February 13. Orders will begin shipping on February 15.

Long-Sleeve Tee - $20
Poe-etic Long-Sleeve Tee
by Joao Lauro Fonte
That is the Question Long-Sleeve Tee
by Adam Koford
Poster 16"x 20" - $15
Mister Poe’s Guilt Trip Poster
by Anna-Maria Jung
Shakespeare A-Z Poster
by Brett Waldon AKA SeedUvPain
Pullover Hoodie - $25
Masque of the Red Death Pullover Hoodie
by Zenne
Monkey Play Pullover Hoodie
by tgentry
Tee - $15
Monkey Play
by tgentry
Perchance to Dream T-Shirt
by Drakxxx & Crescentdebris
Poe-etic T-Shirt
by Joao Lauro Fonte
Quoth the Raven
by personnemaime
Terrible Sanity T-Shirt
by Drakxxx & Crescentdebris
Verona Apothecary
by jewelwing
Tote - $10
Masque of the Red Death Tote
by Zenne
Quoth the Raven Tote
by personnemaime
Read The Whole Book! Tote
by Spiritgreen
Verona Apothecary Tote
by jewelwing

May the best genius win! And if you're one of those people whose idea of literary rivalry is "which memoir is better, Snooki's or Sanjaya's?", we'll be back next with a new Shirt.Woot event made of less challenging material.