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When normal humans get together around a campfire, they tell fanciful tales of unreal creatures. Conversely, when unreal creatures get together around a campfire, they tell stories about normal human beings. 

Here are some popular scary campfire stories that unicorns tell:

A man looks at an apartment to rent. He likes it but needs a night to sleep on it. When he wakes up, he calls the realtor only to find that the apartment has been… TAKEN BY SOMEONE ELSE! 

A man and a woman are in a relationship. The woman wants to leave their hometown and move to the city. The man wants to stay in the hometown because that's where he's always lived. The couple tries to find a compromise, but they can't so… THEY BREAK UP! 

A woman's rent goes up by $50. This frustrates the woman. She considers moving, but in the end decides… NOT TO MOVE! 

A man is on a diet. Someone brings donuts into the office where he works. He tries to resist the urge to eat a donut. But in the end, he caves and takes a knife and… CUTS A DONUT IN HALF! Then an hour later… HE EATS THE OTHER HALF!

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