Candy Empire

by wootbot

Give Them An Inch, They Take Communism

1st place in Derby #277: Food, with 261 votes!

See what happens when you let "the people" decide which shirts to print? We end up selling stuff that looks like Mao-era Communist propaganda posters. Sure, sure, it's got a joke about Candyland and all that. Great. But we can read the unsubtle Marxist imagery between the lines.

Well, guess what, Shirt.Wooters: We still firmly control the means of production. It's a printing press, and it's in our office in Texas. So unless you're planning some kind of "coup" or "uprising," the capitalist system we have in place will…

…Hey. Stop that! But, you can't -- guards! Guards! Seize the rebels before they make it into the artist repository! Oh no, the guards have joined the people? The turncoats!

Wear this shirt: if you are with the people.

Don't wear this shirt: if you believe the old ways are best.

This shirt tells the world: "Sweet, sweet freedom!"

We call this color: Red Scare