Can't Wait for Spring

by wootbot


1st Place in Derby #296: Spring 2013, with 263 votes!


"Let me put on some music."

"Hee hee. OK."

"Any requests?"

"Do you have the new Fleet Foxes album?"

"No, but I can download it. Aaaaand…there we go. Now, where were we?"


*ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz hnh hnh ZZZZZZZZ*

"Wait, what is this?"

"It's not the Fleet Foxes?"

"No. It sounds like animals snoring."

"Lemme see. Ohhhhh, looks like I accidentally downloaded the 'Sleep Foxes' album. My mistake. Here we go…"


*SHHHHHHH hih hih hih hih SHHHHHHHH*

"Whoa, what is that? It sounds like a bunch of cats caught in a rainstorm."

"Ohhhh. Looks like this is the new 'Sleet Foxes' album. Let me just--"

"You know what? Forget it, Brady."

"Whhhat? But we were having such good smooch-time."

"Well, I'm not longer in the mood to smooch, Brady."

"Are you leaving?"


"How are you getting home?"

"The bus."

"Do you want my bus pass?"