Cat Week

by wootbot


​1st Place in Derby #336: Days Of The Week, with 163 votes!

BuzzFeline: The shocking differences between being a 1 and 2 year-old cat. 

In your 1s: "Food makes me frisky and fun." 
In your 2s: "Food makes me vomit." 

In your 1s: Everything seems like a toy
In your 2s: Everything seems like bed

In your 1s: Putting on weight is healthy
In your 2s: You are dangerously obese 

In your 1s: The red dot must be destroyed at all costs! 
In your 2s: The red dot will be destroyed if it comes within pawing distance

In your 1s: Sleep during the day. Go crazy at night. 
In your 2s: Sleep during the day. Sleep at night. 

In your 1s: "Who's this strange person? A friend?" 
In your 2s: "Who's this strange person? I will now hide for 6 hours." 

In your 1s: Meowing is cute
In your 2s: Meowing causes the spray bottle

In your 1s: You're still trying to be cool
In your 2s: You don't care about anything but being warm