Cephalopod's Garden

by wootbot

Crazy 8s

3rd Place in Derby #319: Song Titles Reinterpreted, with 164 votes!

Here's my idea for a show: it's about a kid named Billy, and Billy wants a pet, so his dad who's a deep-sea fisherman brings him home an octopus. Billy is like, UGH, for real? But his dad is like, yo, give him a chance, son. So Billy does and it turns out the octopus is magical and they go on a bunch of wacky adventures together.

Like, one day Billy gets assigned to do nine different chores in the garden, but he really wants to go to the arcade with his friends, and so he does one chore and the octopus does all the others by himself. And then in another episode, Billy gets into a fight with a gang of eight ninjas, but in the last second Billy takes out the octopus and he beats them all up. Or maybe they have to get somewhere, except the only car they have has eight steering wheels. Maybe it's a foreign car or something? I don't know. I don't design cars.

Anyway, that's the show, and I think it would be great, and all I need to produce is two billion dollars.