Childish Side of the Moon

by wootbot

The Greatest Gift Of All: Solvency

Listen, we need someone to buy a shirt today or we're broke.

So we keep our books pretty straight here at Woot. Dot every i, cross every t -- all that. But it turns out that, when projecting our annual revenue, we forgot that nobody buys anything on Christmas day. Whoops.

So all the fancy new office space, monkey-slinging catapults, and mutant-creating acids that we bought on the assumption of huge sale on December 25th might have been a mistake. We could go bankrupt.

But here's the thing: If even a single customer buys a single thing today, we'll be in the black. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, like whatever they've got on Tech.Woot; it could be as cheap as a t-shirt. As cheap as this t-shirt, in fact…

So we really just need somebody to step up, take one for the team, and buy something on Christmas. Buy this crayon/Floyd shirt, and we'll owe you big time.