Chuck's Curve

by wootbot

The Great Summer Squash

Don't sweat it, everything's derivative.

"I'm thinking about starting a comic strip."

"Oh yeah?"

"It's called 'Walnuts,' and it's about a bunch of kids."


"Though it centers around this one kid, Harley Black. He's a real sad-sack sort of kid, and everything's always turning sour for him."

"Have you told me about this before? It sounds really familiar."

"Nope! Just thought of it. And don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom, thanks to Hurley Black's scampish pet puggle, Loopy."

"Ohhhh. OK. It all just clicked."

"Right? It's a great idea. I'm thinking it could spin off into…I donno, animated holiday specials, life insurance sponsorship, and mass-market cupcake theming."

"Yeah. Dude. This is some serious intellectual property infringement."

"I'll think the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of appeals will be the judge of that."

Wear this shirt: To distract from your juvenile alopecia.

Don't wear this shirt: While Christmas tree shopping.

This shirt tells the world: "I saw the sin."

We call this color: Not-Quite-Proprietary Lemon