Classic Designs, Tote Bags, and their Discontents: Shirt.Woot Back To School

by Jason Toon

Pedagogy just got inestimably more raffish! That's right: for a little while up in here, Shirt.Woot will bring back some classic shirt designs, turn some other longtime favorites into tote bags, and add a couple of exclusive new Woot-themed designs to the mix. It's a thing we're doing that we're calling Back to School, for lack of a more creative name.

We've sold you a lot of crap over the years, and we intend to sell much more in years to come. So it's about time we offered you a genuine Bag For Crap tote. Use for transporting non-Woot crap may result in explosion or acid leak. The other all-new design is the official Woot Athletics t-shirt. If it were any closer to the staff-only t-shirts seen in our Monkey Games, we'd have to send you a 1099. Don't expect either of these designs to be around forever, though. Like that super-cool civics teacher who told you about Kent State and those experiments where people keep turning up the voltage on an actor playing a torture victim, you never know when they might be gone.

So tune up your graphing calculator, buff your Trapper Keeper, and make like Rodney Dangerfield. It's Back to School time at Shirt.Woot and late attendance will be punished severely. Because you'll miss these awesome shirts and totes, we mean. As to whether or not you show up to your actual school, that's not our department.