by wootbot

Losing Points

There will be three essays in this class: one 3 page response due next month, one 5 page paper due at midterm, and one 10 page paper due on the last day of classes. Please type and double-space these, and use a 12 point Times or Courier font. DO NOT use Cluevetica.

Honestly, this is for your own good. It might be fun to look at, but for academic writing, it can be VERY DANGEROUS. For example, you might finish your paper, save it, come back the next day and find that someone's murdered your thesis statement and it's up to you to figure out who did it and where. Maybe it was the title in the first paragraph of the body, or the 2nd bibliographic reference in the conclusion. It doesn't matter. The only thing that's certain is that your essay is ruined.

So, again, please DO NOT type your essays in Cluevetica. Now about quizzes...

Wear this shirt: come helvetica or high water!

Don't wear this shirt: if you've always been a Verdana man yourself.

This shirt tells the world: "It was me! I did it! I bought the shirt!"

We call this color: in the pitch black, the deed was done.