Cold Pizza

by wootbot


What begins as pizza becomes pizza. (We're confused too.)

When the pizza is first baked, it is a lunch or a dinner. The following morning it makes it's transformation into a breakfast. Three days after this transformation, it turns into garbage. That's where most people stop paying attention. Not us! We kept watching! And today, New Years Eve, we present our findings:

Day 7: pizza achieves state of "particularly pungent piece of garbage."

Day 21: pizza is no longer recognizable as pizza.

Day 42: despite not having any eyes, pizza is now capable of doing something that can only be classified as a wink.

Day 53: pizza has now grown eyes.

Day 78: where pizza once was, now stands a small bonsai tree.

Day 110: bonsai tree is now about 5 feet tall.

Day 117: A strange pod has begun to grow from one of the pizza bonsai tree's branches.

Day 203: pod opens, revealing a baby inside.

Day 6773: baby is now legally considered "an adult" and must choose a profession. Baby chooses pizza chef.

Day 6784: after more than a week of intensive training, pizza chef is ready to make his own pizza.

Day 6785: pizza chef makes a pizza. The cycle of pizza begins anew!