Console Wars II

by wootbot


November 11th, 1995

Dear console-buyer of the future: 

I write to you a broken man, full of remorse. The value of my life is now forfeit, and I can offer the world nothing save rebuke, lest others follow in my wretched footsteps. My mistake was this: I bought a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer gaming console, and am now trapped forever as the "3DO Guy." 

Perhaps you read this at another crossroads in the console gaming industry, and I urge you to heed my warnings: Choose wisely! You may think your choice infallible, but so too did I when I chose what was deemed the next big thing, that vile 3DO. You are more like me than you may think! 

Laugh at me, if you will, as I while myself into obsolescence with games like Captain Quazar and Mathemagics. Dismiss me as the old fool who put his money on the wrong horse. But do you know with certainty that whatever console you are about to purchase does not share my 3DO's awful fate?