Consulting Detective

by wootbot

Hedge My Bets

Let me tell you about my new show! 

You guys, I'm writing a show about a hedgehog detective. It's called Hedgehog Detective. Here are a few of the best lines from it:

"Quit beating around the HEDGE Ms. Lewis. You killed him, didn't you?!"

"Perhaps you are HOG tired, Mr. Ribsy, because you've been up all night COMMITTING MURDER!"

"Oh, you didn't do it, Henry? Then how come we found this bloody knife while POKING around your apartment the other day?"

"Tell me about the sound you heard, Mrs. Andrews. Was there anything odd? Something different about the SONIC frequency?"

"Now that we've caught the stalker, you can continue to pursue your modeling career with NEW ZEAL AND commitment."

It's because you can find hedgehogs in New Zealand. Okay, maybe that last one needs work