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by wootbot

Phone Home Or Something

Not sure how the Reese's Pieces play into the whole thing... 

I was assigned to do the writeup for this shirt, but here's the thing: I've never actually seen E.T. I know, I know, it's unbelievable (I'm 29 years old), but it's 100% true. However, utter lack of knowledge of a subject has never stopped a Woot writer, and I therefore humbly present:

A Plot Summary Of E.T. By Somebody Who Has Never Seen It Before But Has Heard About It His Whole Life.

OK, so I'm pretty sure the protagonist is a boy named Elliot. Two Ls or one? Anyway, he's just a kid with a bike. Then one day an alien shows up, who looks like a mix between Yoda and Johnny Five from Short Circuit (yes, I have seen Short Circuit but not E.T.).

E.T. has some problems related to Reese's Pieces, and he definitely wants to "phone home." Also: glowing finger. Then some bad guys show up in big white haz-mat suits, and E.T. and El(l)iot escape by bike. And guess what? The bike can fly, possibly because of E.T.'s glowing finger or maybe because El(l)iot has magical powers or something. Anyway, it's a Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang situation, and everything turns out fine.

Oh wait! Maybe E.T. dies. Seems like a lot of people talk about crying at that movie.