Crappy Shipping and You: A Public Service Announcement

by Randall Cleveland

For those of you buying shirts as gifts for loved ones or insults for people you hate we wanted to pass along an update from our pals at FedEx (yes, we're pals. Even if they won't let you in their house you can still be pals):

As of December 10, 2010 there is a good chance your SmartPost order won't be delivered in time for Christmas.

If you've ever ordered anything from us before, you probably already figured that. SmartPost is a gamble even when it's not the busiest shipping season of the year. There was some complicated stuff about "shipping zones" and "metropolitan areas," but the short of it is if you need it by Christmas, you need to pony up the $5 and ship it overnight. Otherwise, start making an elaborate construction paper card explaining your regret and promising that a gift is indeed on the way.

Speaking of overnight shipping: you've got until 10am (central) on December 23rd. After that, not even overnight orders will make it on time.

So get shopping already!