Cupcake Wars

by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #298: This Means War!, 224 Votes!

In soviet Russia, cupcake eat you*!

*This is due to very loose definition of "cupcake" in soviet Russia. In Soviet Russia, cupcake can mean small cake in doily, but also can mean tiger, anaconda, and volcano, among other things.

Much of confusion over reversal of actions in Soviet Russia due to Soviet Russia's dictionary being open-source. In Soviet Russia, anyone can change dictionary definition. And In Soviet Russia, dictionary definition can change anybody. Because in Soviet Russia, "dictionary definition" has been changed so that "dictionary definition" mean what word means, but also mean plastic surgeon.

The reason for Soviet Russia's open-source dictionary is to "make people feel ultimate freedom and contribution to great country." Which very nice but now in dictionary "freedom" also mean fart, "contribution" mean sexy lady, and you don't want to know what "great country" mean. Absolutely disgusting!