Daniel Sans

by Wootbot

Not To Be Confused With DC’s Val Armonaco

Just when you think it’s gone, it finds the courage to come back and win.

Comic Sans was just a friendly font. It showed up in Windows 95, hoping maybe it could fit in. But the graphic designers at the toughest dojo in town took an instant dislike to it. Why? What had it done? What gave them the right to bully it away?

But that Halloween in the alley, something changed. Battered and bruised, Comic Sans met an old man with an inner peace. A man who knew that when you seemed surrounded, the only place to escape was inside your own heart. That man was named Papyrus, and Papyrus taught Comic Sans all there was to know about the graphic arts.

And then, came the Internet. Everyone thought Comic Sans would be out in the first round, but it did well, striking with insulting macros and amusing lolcats. The bully designers were chagrined. They struck out wildly, emotionally, some might even call it cheating. But Comic Sans remembered its training. And in the final match, Comic Sans stayed up, while all those designers stormed out in anger.

And today you still hear the grumbles from those who think they know how the world should be. Yet, somehow, Comic Sans continues with a pure heart. Like a knight in shining armor, from a long time ago.

Wear this shirt: while washing the car. Or possibly while sweeping the driveway.

Don’t wear this shirt: and go for the leg. What is this, a street fight? Show some dignity.

This shirt tells the world: “The secret to web design lies in the heart. Not in the font.”

We call this color: Red

Design Placement: Centered
Design Size:
3X - S: 8” x 6.29”
WXL - K4: 6” x 4.72”
Pantone Color(s): White - Black
Please check our sizing chart before you order. The Woot Tee follows a classic closer-fitting style. If you prefer a baggier look, order a larger size. If there is not a larger size, consider starting a belly-hanging-out trend.