Day of Reckoning the Fifty-Second

by Jason Toon

To battle, shirts! Rise and defend your rightful place in Woot's back catalog! Leave your enemies frayed and torn on the battlefield! Let blood flow - Reckoning blood!

Survivors (position last week/weeks on chart)
Casualties (position last week/weeks on chart)
Bystanders (not eligible for Reckoning until next week)

It's official: Say No To Scurvy is now the longest-lived design in Shirt.Woot history. Nobody could've known that this humble citrus pirate would one day reign as king of all Woot tees. This week, it even outperformed its close rival, The Cake Is A Liar. Good thing, too, because without that story, this would be the dullest week in Reckoning history: the top 4 remain unchanged, and of the seven newbs, only Energy Harvester made the cut. Buy those Casualties while you can, even though you clearly didn't want them the first time.