Day of Reckoning the Forty-Ninth

by Jason Toon

Monday dawns grim and grey for our seven lowest-selling shirts, for this morn shall be their last. But our top 20 greet the blessed sunshine with smiles on their fabric faces, for they survive another week. What are we talking about? The Day of Reckoning. You know, this stuff:

Survivors (position last week/weeks on chart)
Casualties (position last week/weeks on chart)
Bystanders (not eligible for Reckoning until next week)

Two het-up youngbloods fought over the top spot this week, with Coffee Levels Critical ultimately besting Circuit-ulatory System. Their affray knocked Freebird from its perch. Gravity was a harsh mistress this week: hard falls were suffered by Americana (dropping 8 spots), It’s Going Out Faster Than It’s Coming In (dropping 11 spots), and 335 Woolloomoo Way (falling 10 spots, right off the bottom of the chart). But some veterans made surprising rallies. Last week, there was only one shirt in the top 10 more than 10 weeks old - this week there are three, as Nevermore is joined by the reinvigorated Now Let Me Get This Straight and Fat Unicorn. And, of course, the iron-shirt watch: Say No To Scurvy, at 37 weeks on the chart, remains in pursuit of the all-time record of 39 weeks. If you want one or more of the Casualties, you've got until midnight to buy them. (Remember, that's Central time, the only time zone that matters.)