Day of Reckoning the Sixty-Second

by Jason Toon

The bell has rung. The referee has waved the fighters to their corners. (Yes, all 27 of them. It's a big ring.) The judges have turned in their scores. (That's you guys.) Now we'll know which of our ongoing shirt sales won't be available after midnight tonight (Monday). Those would be the Casualties listed below. We'll know which ones will still be for sale for another week - the Survivors and the Bystanders. And the winners and losers of our weekly t-shirt brawl are as follows...

Survivors (position last week/weeks on chart)
Casualties (position last week/weeks on chart)
Bystanders (not eligible for Reckoning until next week)

Winner and still champeen: Donut Panic! Welcome to the big time, Soundwaves and Bigfoot Nessie 08! Sad to see you go, World Grenade and Urban Painter! You deserved better, The Bluebird of Hopelessness! And congratulations on becoming the first shirt to survive 50 Reckonings, Say No To Scurvy! We'll see if The Cake Is A Liar can pass that milestone next week. As for the Casualties, grab 'em before they go bye-bye at midnight tonight.