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by wootbot

Not Going Anywhere

3rd Place in Derby #322: Kawaii, with 1094 votes!

Especial Announcement
First-place winner of the Derby voting thing (Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing -- New Leaf): wolfrider91‚Äč

Oh, you think this is going to be easy, huh? You think you can just click a button and we'll be gone? That we'll just leave you alone? No way, bro! 

We're different cookies. We're not like the last wave you annihilated simply by throwing your mouse around. We've got guts. We've got gusto. We made a promise to store information and we're going to keep it. We don't care what you say or what you do. Even if you click that evil button, you won't get rid of us. You'll think you did. But we'll be there. We may be hurt, mangled, all but dead, but we'll heal. We'll come back stronger than ever before. You can't possibly delete, because we aren't just your cookies. We are all cookies, we are the EveryCookie, every last one of us, so go ahead click away, hot-shot. It'll seem as easy as always, except, when you least expect it, we'll-


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