by wootbot

Sweet Revenge


"Your Majesty, zee Gingerbread men are starving and forming a mob outside!"

"Oui, Your Majesty! We must act soon if we are to appease zee growing, ravenous throngs!"

"You two must calmez-vous. Zis is nothing. Zee peasants will be fine."

"Sacrebleu! Mon Dieu! Other French expletives! Zee Gingerbread mob is storming zee prison! Your Majesty, I must insist zat we take action."

"I yawn at you, cookie. Zis is me, yawning in your direction."

"History shall never forget zis impudence! We will tell zee gentry zee terrible truth about you!"

"I do not fear zee consequences of your puny threats! You two do not frighten moi! I am relaxed! For you see, I know zee Gingerbread Army is on a low-carb diet. HAHAHA wait, did you hear somezing?"