Dewback Dry

by wootbot

Almost There

If you like this design now, just wait until the Special Edition

While the two-dimensional representation of the Dewback on this design is nice, it doesn't quite realize our true vision. That's right: We're going to remaster this design with a bunch of 3D, computer-generated Dewbacks running all over the foreground. 

You may say you like this shirt as-is, but that's just nostalgia speaking. You'll see once our dream is realized how much funnier this design is when it's covered in a million freakin' CGI characters. The simplicity of the original is simply a byproduct of limited effects at the time: Everybody knows that MORE STUFF is BETTER. 

Of course, if people get upset about the new version we've got a fool-proof way to distract them: Create a bunch of miserable prequels to this shirt that will be so offensive that everybody will forget about the whole re-issuing idea. It can't fail! Or, rather, it will certainly fail spectacularly, and that's the whole idea!