Dog Playing Poker Online

by wootbot

1st place in Derby #607: Video Games IV: Honor Among Sleeves

Hank missed the old pack. Sure, Rex brought in the occasional flea. And it was true that Terry wasn't "traditionally housebroken". But Hank missed them all the same.

Playing poker online had its advantages though. No one could see his tail wagging at a good hand of cards. No one drank out of his water dish, or chewed on his favorite pillow. Online, no one knows if you're a good boy or a bad dog...

But no matter how many hands he won, Hank still couldn't shake the longing he had to get the old pack together again. Late at night he would go out for his last potty-break and look up at the moon, wondering if Terry and Rex were out walking under that same big sky. And on the loneliest nights of all, he would howl.