Don't Take My Word For It

by wootbot

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1st Place in Derby #301: Television, with 230 votes!

If you think about it, like, the Woot writers wouldn't be writers if we hadn't, like, read alot as kids.   You have to read a lot of books and stuff in order to communicate good with words, and we probably, like, wouldn't have ever done that if it weren't for PBS shows encouraging us to, or whatever. 

When you look at Facebook and stuff it's like noone knows how to write anymore.   It's really full of mispellings and stuff.   It's like:   Pick up a book!. You cant learn to write until you learn to read; you know?   Did you check that sweet semi colon? That's how you know we're REAL righters. 

We don't mean to get up on a high horse or whatevs, but we just think that learning proper grammer and sentence structure and stuff is really important like how are you supposed to be taken seriously if you dont evan know how to obey the rules and stuff, and it's like everybody THINKS they know how to write or whatever so they do and then it looks really bad and it's like, would you try to do your own graphic design if you weren't a graphic designer -- probably not, right -- because it's a specialized task and it's really hard so you should leave it to the pros and not mess it up themselfs. 

So wed like to thank PBS for doing good shows or whatever that taught us things.   We wouldnt be such masters of the literary craft if we hadn't been shown how books are cool and not lame, or something. OK to be honest we mostly read comic books, but c'mon those are still books!