Dramatic Chipmunk

by wootbot

Variation On A Meme

There is a tide in the affairs of rodents. 

Like all great artists, Shakespeare was not fully appreciated in his time. Although his plays enjoyed modest success during his lifetime, they were overshadowed by the works of Edmund Spenser and Philip Sidney. It was not until after the poet's death that his works assumed their canonical ascendency.

And this makes one of curious temperament wonder: Which of today's near-infinite web videos will retain lasting significance among future generations? Sure, the original "Dramatic Chipmunk" video has 38 million views, but how will it withstand the buffeting winds of time? How shall posterity judge the diversions of our day?

If history is any guide, some lightly-viewed video will become the classic of tomorrow. Like a modern-day Citizen Kane, this piece's success shall be measured in its longevity, not its short-term view count. It's out there right now, unwatched, unappreciated, and genius. Can you send a link when you find it? Thnx!