Dream Big

by wootbot

Break Down

3rd Place in Derby #364: $10k Cup, Round 2: Style, with 295 votes!

Oh, snap! Do you hear sirens? Dang! If we don't hide everything that indicates that this is an illegal turtle fighting ring, we're all busted! 

Tommy, you hide the fighter turtles. Johnny, you hide the manager turtles. Eddy, you hide the referee turtle. Tony, you hide all these turtle mouth guards. Jimmy, you hide the turtle-sized lucha libre masks. Gregory, you disassemble the adorable turtle wrestling ring. Henny, you break down all the turtle concession stands. Danny, you hide all the turtle concession workers, but first take their little turtle aprons off. 

Chrissy, you make sure the other wrestler turtles, the ones hiding in the wings to bust out and challenge the other turtles to a cage match. Timmy, you make sure nobody that opens the trapdoor and raises the cage through the floor. Ricky, you make sure the PA system is turned off and that the turtle announcers get their paychecks.

Alright, we all clear? Good. LET'S GET TO WORK!