by wootbot

Fly Like An Eagle

3rd Place in Derby #307: Red, White, and Blue , with 195 votes!

Did you know that members of The Eagles are actual eagles? It's true. Just check the footage of their earlier shows, before they assumed human form. It's crazy. They didn't sing about any people stuff. Their songs were about eagle issues: hunting, flying, balding, all the stuff that eagles face every day.

But of course the music industry didn't like that. "You guys need to give the people what they want," they said. "Nobody wants to hear about catching prey. They want to hear about weird hotels in west coast states. And they don't want to hear about it from a bunch of birds. They want to hear about it from some dudes they can relate to. So figure out a way to appear human, retool your tunes, and we'll give you a fat record deal!"

It's sad to see a band sacrifice their art for money.