Educate Yourself

by wootbot


The quality of this writeup has been assured

We were a little concerned about running today's design because we don't want to get on the NSA's bad side, but then we thought, "Get it together, Shirt.Woot -- it's a free country! This is exactly the kind of political speech the Founders intended to protect." 

So whether you agree with those who have cried overreach or not, you have to respect their rights to express their concerns. Will we foster a political environment in which contrary opinion are quashed, or will we be a democracy in the truest sense, wherein this sentiment is encouraged?

We were founded by those who raised their voices against an oppressive government that went too far meddling in the affairs of private citizens. We are a nation founded on dissent. That's what makes this country great, and that's what separates it from other countries such speech is silenced.