El día del café

by wootbot

The Future Is Grim

2nd Place in Derby #325: Macabre, with 220 votes!

We would like, in the space of this writeup, to promote a cause near and dear to our hearts. One (aesthetically) related to Walmazan's terrific design.  

Dear Telltale Games: Please make a Grim Fandango series. You warmed the very cockles of our hearts when you exhumed the Monkey Island franchise from the LucasArts grave, and they (the cockles) would be downright toasty were you to do the same with Grim Fandango

For those unfamiliar with the 90s adventure game Grim Fandango: We strongly recommend that you become acquainted. It was simply one of the greatest, funniest, most artistically compelling games every made, despite its relative obscurity. Following the story of Manuel Calavera through the seedy, noir-laced afterlife, Grim Fandango thrust the world of gaming into the creative stratosphere and set a new bar which few games have since reached. 

What we're saying, TellTale, is that we would buy the game if you made it, and exhort every Wooter to do same. Think about it. We'll be here, making shirts.