Elemental Model of the Universe

by wootbot

Summer Reading

2nd Place in Derby #306: Space Infographics, with 181 votes!

What am I reading this summer? The universe, man! I'm reading what's written in the sky and on the ground, you feel me? I'm gonna look at the words that are ALL AROUND US. 

Like the sunrise, that's a book. The sunset, that's a book. Staring into the sun for a while, that's a book too, although it's really hard to read. 

Leaves changing color, caterpillars changing into butterflies, neighbors changing in front of windows, those're all books, and they're all there for you to read! 

I'm going to read the air, and discuss it in my book club with the wind. And maybe the wind and I will drink a little too much wine and we'll stop talking about the book and just start making out, but look, that's just the book of life, you know?

What I'm saying is, don't bury yourself in books this summer. Bury yourself in the world. But not literally, because you could die.