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by wootbot

Oral History

​1st Place in Derby #339: 8-Bit Adventure, with 201 votes!

"Tell me a story, Grandpa." 

All right, let's see … oh, I know just the one. When I was a boy just about your age, I watched a movie about a grandfather telling his grandson a story.

"That sounds boring." 

Wait, wait, that's not all of it. The story he was telling was about pirates and riddles, but that's not what I want to tell you about. I want to tell you the story of how my entire generation fell in love with the movie and turned it into a cultural icon. 

"Ugh. A love story? I don't want to hear a love story." 

But this wasn't the usual kind of love. This love permeated the entire generation until there wasn't a single member in it who didn't feel its abiding glow. This love drove us to quote the movie for decades after its release. To wear t-shirts wearing referencing its minor characters. To…

"Forget all that. Get to the good stuff."