Essential Element

by wootbot

The Big C

People who live in a chocolate house shouldn't throw chocolate stones.

Hi, and welcome to my chocolate house, where everything is chocolate. Let me show you around.

This is my chocolate staircase. Be careful, though; those chocolate stairs can get a bit slippery. That's why I put in the chocolate hand rail. But be careful; that gets slippery too. That's why there's this chocolate first aid kit right here.

This is my chocolate couch. It folds down into a chocolate bed. I sleep on the chocolate couch-bed whenever my wife gets mad at me for eating one of her decorative chocolate pillows. See, here's one right here, with bite marks in it. Guess I'm in the dog house again! 

Here's the chocolate bathroom, complete with a chocolate chocolate jacuzzi bath. The water gets so hot that it melts the whole thing and then you end up in a rushing river of watery chocolate splashing down the hallway, which is pretty fun if you ask me, but my wife doesn't like it. We have a lot of problems, me and my wife! 

But here, this part is my favorite: the chocolate kitchen! Oh hey look, there's something cooking in the chocolate pot on the chocolate stovetop. Let's check what it is. Oh, look it's some chocolate soup! You know how you make chocolate soup? Put chocolate in a pot and melt it. It's a nice easy meal for when you're tired after work. I'm taking a cooking class, though, so that I can learn to make more complicated meals, like chocolate foie gras.

Anyway, that's the tour of my chocolate house. Now you have to leave before my wife hears your voice and thinks I'm having another affair.