Falling Dreams

by wootbot

Xtreme Icarusing

1st place in Derby #276: Greece, with 538 votes!

Sup, brohamshire. Did you catch that gnarly hubristic plummet to earth I just rocked? It was sick, for real.

Yeah, I'm into Xtreme Icarusing. You've never heard of it, brohampton? It's the biggest rush you'll ever experience, for sure. Looks like my buddy's about to do a run -- let me explain it as he goes.

Y'see, he fashions some wings out of wax. Can be board wax, or candle wax, or whatev's 'propriate for the 'ditions. That's short for "appropriate for the conditions." Looks like dude's rocking some rad freestyle wings on this run.

All right, Bromancer, now he is gonna take flight. Now, you see that crusty old dude flying with him? That's his old man. He's gonna warn my buddy not to fly too close to the sun lest he anger the gods, but my buddy's got mad hubris, yo. He's all "whatever, old man -- I got this." See? You can see his wings are, like, cray melting.

Here it comes: WOoOOOOOOoooOOO! Yeah brohamper! He's crashing under the weight of his own ego fo' real.

Wear this shirt: as your "lucky shirt" when you fly in airplanes.

Don't wear this shirt: as a way to solve all the huge, huge problems in your life.

This shirt tells the world: "Look ma, no wings!"

We call this color: Black of humility