Fiery Night

by wootbot

The One Shirt

2nd Place in Derby #315: Inspired by Van Gogh, with 261 votes!

"Well then, I must be off!" 

"Aren't you forgetting something?" 


"…The shirt, my friend." 

"Ah yes! Ha ha. How silly of me - I almost forgot. Yet … perhaps … it would be best if I did keep it, after all." 

"It would corrupt you like it has so many before. Give it here." 

"Now that I look at it on my chest, I think it is best here. It is special to me. Precious." 

"Let it go, old friend." 

"OK, OK, fine. To tell you the truth I'm just embarrassed to take my shirt off. I'm pretty hairy and pudgy, and this shirt made those traits … invisible." 

"You cannot wear it forever. What about when you go swimming?"

"I wore it in the pool. I was that guy. But now that's over and I must be getting on the trail! So long, old friend." 



"The shirt. You're still wearing it."