by wootbot

Fan Fic

Mr. White's looking a little blue.

Look, I like special ingredients, yo! I never made a secret about that. I used to put chili powder in. Then I got this new partner, and he was all about chemistry and rules and he was like, no more chili p! I just hate that crap. It's like, you might know science but I know the customers, right? And they all said the chili p was da bomb!

So once my new partner gave me his new formula, I decided to add a new special ingredient to give it that personal touch: him. That's right, I said, "Sorry Mr. White, but it's time to change your name." And he was like, "What are you talking about?" And I said, "From now on you go by Mr. Blue, yo!" And I just dropped him right into the batch right then. This was after we moved on from RV, when had the big gizmos and stuff so there was room. 

Now, I'm back to slingin' all by myself again, which is nice because when the fat stacks come in, I get em all. You hear that, Mr. White? I get it all, b*#&h!