Forty-Two U.

by wootbot

Same-old, Same-old

2nd place in Derby #272: College Shirts, Editor's Choice!

No I get the reference and everything, but I don't know; I guess I just never got into Joss Gaimen.

Mostly I'm just not into that big movie he wrote. Where the space priest guy is traveling through time in a spaceship shaped like a shower stall or something. And they're making all the noises with coconuts. And they're jumping down all the pipes and shooting fireballs, looking for princess Schrodinger. It's fine if that's your cup of tea, but for me, No thanks!

No! I, myself, prefer entertainment that's a little more intellectual.

Wear this shirt: 42 times.

Don't wear this shirt: 43 times.

This shirt says: "So long and thanks for all the references!"

We call this color: 42 shades of black.