Fountain Pen

by wootbot


The pen does all the work.

Hey, welcome to Phil's Art Emporium! All of the art that you see before you was created by me, Phil, all on my own, with no help from any magical art pens or anything like that.

For example, this picture of a bouquet of flowers, I drew that with my hands and a normal pen. I didn't just eat a burrito while my magic pen picked and rendered the flowers onto a piece of paper. 

And this sketch of that canyon over there, that was something I did on a vacation of mine. I didn't just put some magical pen on an airplane and book it a hotel room so that it could draw a canyon while I stayed home to sort my sewing needles.

And this picture of a pen, I drew that. A pen didn't draw that on its own. That's ridiculous. Don't worry about where it says, "Self-Portrait." That was a joke by me, the artist. It was a comment on how much drawing I do… or something.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by Phil's Art Emporium! We've got all the 100% magic-pen free art you can handle!