Foxes Say NO

by wootbot

Ylvis's Inferno

1st Place in Derby #345: Snarky Slogans, with 502 votes!

We descended next to the fourth circle, 
Where those wretched creatures writhed -- 
Old memes, crawling and mewling on the rocky
Soil, scrabbling for someone to care about them. 
"These were once-mighty Internet tropes," 
My guide said, stepping out from clawing grasps.
"Chocolate Rain, there, by the fiery chasm; 
Gagnam Style, in among the rest. Their
Punishment befits their crime, as they
Must watch each other, over and over, 
As we were forced to watch and care
About them. Pity them, in their wretchedness." 
And from the mass of moaning memes one
Appeared that I knew well, and was 
Aghast to find in this place. 
"What The Fox Say?" I cried, and lo
It was he, a blasted shadow of his former 
Glory. Behind him he dragged a heavy chain, 
Hewn from the millions of views that 
Had once been the object of his sin, vainglory. 
I reached out my hand to help my old 
Beloved meme, but my guide ushered my into 
The next circle of Internet Hell: Reddit.