by wootbot

Owl Gone

2nd Place in Derby #356: Inspired by Sci-Fi Art Masters, with 182 votes!

Guys, we've got a huge problem here at Shirt.Woot. You see, we've been running so many owl shirts recently that now our numbers are WAY DOWN with the Small Birds and Rodents demographic. Seriously, the owls have scared them all away! This is REALLY BAD NEWS and if it keeps up, we're sure to be slammed with a discrimination suit. 

That's why, for the next few weeks, we'll be working to bring those small birds and rodents into the fold. How? By running designs that feature:

  • Seeds
  • Cheese
  • Worms who are injured and can't get away
  • Wheat
  • Fields upon fields
  • Thimbles full of water
  • Exercise wheels
  • A tiny motorcycle
  • Overflowing garbage cans
  • Fruit
  • Subway tunnels
  • and MUCH MORE!

For those small birds and rodents still around, TELL YOUR FRIENDS and let's get those numbers BACK UP!