Ghost Story

by wootbot

Toroid Up In Blue

Bring back toroidal levels! 

Dear Video Game Developers, 

We the undersigned are a group of passionate video-gamers who would like to make a plea: Make more games with toroidal geometries. We believe this simple effort can bring about a rebirth of classic gaming sensibilities. 

A "toroid" is a geometric object that has no edges, but in which one "edge" runs directly into another. For instance, when your character runs off the right-hand side of the screen, it appears on the left-hand side in the same space. There are no limits to the space. 

This simple game-world construction yielded hundreds of satisfying titles in the 1980s, yet dropped of precipitously as video game technology improved. But why? Wouldn't first-person shooters be just as exciting if not more so if their levels were un-limited toroidal spaces? Ditto strategy games, mobile puzzlers, and almost any genre imaginable. 

Our message is clear and simple: Bring back the toroid. And while you're at it how about some cool old-school 8-bit music?