Good to Go

by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #297: Double-Take Derby 20, with 219 votes!

Some people look at the battery as half empty, whereas some people look at it half full. It's an outlook thing, you know? It's like you look down at your phone and you see the little battery thing is a bit down, or maybe way down, like, maybe it's red, and how you react to that is basically the kind of person you are.

It's like, are you going to freak out? Because that shows that you'd probably be bad in an emergency, and then maybe you shouldn't sit in that row on the airplane or whatever. Whereas if you look down and you're calm - or better yet you're happy, like, "oh, my phone is dying. That means I get to spend some time away from it, which means I can work on my knitting or read a book or do something old-fashioned!" - that's a sign that you're great at crisis-management. You know what I mean?

Hello? HELLO? Oh, crap! My phone's dead. How long have I been talking to no one? WHERE'S MY CHARGER? I feel cold and empty!