Green Eggs and Who

by wootbot

More Foxes

1st Place in Derby #351: Inspired by Children's Books, with 242 votes!

Hey Doc, look, I'll level with you. The sales of your latest book? They're not great. People just aren't really responding to the whole green eggs thing. They just don't sound appetizing. But, according to focus groups, everyone loves the fox. So we're gonna wanna put out a second edition and get that guy in there more often. That means a lot of words that end in that 'ox' sound. What if they eat their ham and nasty eggs:

  • Out on the docks?
  • While playing Rock Jocks?
  • Among several clocks?
  • While going through detox?
  • While wearing Crocs?
  • Or maybe wearing those Nike Shox?
  • While shopping for socks?
  • At Fort Knox?
  • While building with blocks?
  • Just after getting over chicken pox?

I'll take that angry stare as a, "sounds great." Awesome! So go ahead and get on your doodles for that stuff. I'll need sketches by the end of the week!