Greetings from Kawaii

by wootbot

Cute Wars

Everybody knows Japan is the cultural epicenter of all things cute 

The new season of Japan's Next Top Model starts of with a bang this Thursday, when Misaki giggles good-naturedly into her elaborate decorative fan. Not to be outdone, Hirami jumps in the air with both feet pointing outward but her knees still in, giggling good-naturedly, starting an all-out gigglefest. 

Kotori steals the show with her perfectly executed hand-peace-sign and head-tilt, but the judges aren't impressed with her improperly pleated schoolgirl dress. Tsk tsk, Kotori! 

Meanwhile, drama brews between Mai and Nozomi as the latter points with one hand at a cute baby panda, using the other hand to cover her giggling mouth. Everybody knows that's Mai's signature move, and she lets Nozomi hear about it with a jocund pillow fight. 

Of course, one of the girls has to go home this week. We won't spoil it for you, but here's a hint: She's known for wearing tons of makeup, dressing like a schoolgirl, carrying a parasol around everywhere, and giggling good-naturedly!