Greetings from the Internet

by wootbot

Thanks, I Guess.

A postcard? You could've sent an email.

Dear Rodney,

Hey pal! Having a wonderful time here in "cyber space!" You wouldn't believe the stuff they have here. I mean, once you get past all the cats there's some really interesting stuff! You have to dig a little bit past all the horrific, outdated "meme" images that 12-year-olds find so amusing, but once you're past the cats and the memes, you-

Okay, once you're past the cats, the memes, and the pornography the internet is a fantastic place! As long as you look out for the creeps trying to get you to meet them in dark parking lots. You definitely have to steer clear of them. But so far, once you're past all that stuff, there's a lot of really great things here!

Please come. Please come help me, Rodney.

Wear this shirt: To let everyone know how much you like the Internet. And cats.

Don't wear this shirt: If you're more of a dog/analog person.

This shirt tells the world: "Well not that it's any of your business but yes, I do prefer the company of cats to people. Mainly because people won't spend time with me."

We call this color: Contact your ISlateP